Nerdy Gurdy “Assembler”

Changes in v6.1
• Dual strap pins added
• Bridge updated to increase volume
• Old version of drone bridge removed
• Redundant plate removed from lid assembly
• Tangents changed to increase tuning range
• Front bearing support improved, to increase volume
• Added adjustment screws to buzzing bridge supports
• Buzzing bridges and drone supports moved backwards (mainly to make adjustment of buzzing bridges accessible)
• Holes in top plate removed
• Full overhaul of the manual
• Various small aesthetic and functional changes

Standard tuning is as follows:
Trumpet 1: C
Trumpet 2: G
Melody 1: low G
Melody 2: high G
Drone 1: G
Drone 2: C

Price for a kit: € 350

Price for finished instrument: € 700 (ask us about availability)

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