NG BASIC 4-strings

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Expanded version of the Nerdy Gurdy BASIC: 1 extra melody string, and a 24-key keyboard.

This instrument is very suited for beginning players to learn to play, as well as for advanced players who wish to have a robust instrument for e.g. traveling. It is recommended by many hurdy gurdy teachers and extensively used in music education in Europe.

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Sanne van Gend and Jimi Hellinga playing their NG BASICs. Sanne and Jimi have joined the NG team to build and adjust your instruments.


Vastly improved accoustics

The Nerdy Gurdy BASIC body was completely re-engineered, combining Nerdy Gurdy and Nerdyharpa experience with computer simulations. The result is a unique body structure that integrates the accoustic concept of violins into a Hurdy Gurdy body. And it sounds awesome! The sound and volume can now compete with traditional built instruments of many times the cost.


Adjustable bridge, buzzing bridge and drone

Easily adjust the pressure of your strings on the wheel, to optimize the balance and response of your instrument. Every adjustment is done with the same hex key. The adjustable bridge is 3d printed as a single piece with integrated flexures, bringing Precision Engineering principles to Hurdy Gurdy design.


Backlash-free shaft

With the novel bearing design, backlash on the shaft has been eliminated, thus removing any ticking or rattling noises from the shaft bearings.


Floating keybox

The 24 key keybox is based on the proven Nerdy Gurdy design, but it is fully floating above the sound board. This has two benefits: it improves body vibrations, while preventing key noises from being amplified.



The ‘NG BASIC 4-strings’ has 4 strings, but capo’s extend the possibilities significantly: – Chantarelle (G4 sythetic gut and G3 steel-wound synthetic gut) – Trumpet string (C4 fluor-carbon, with capo on D) – Drone string (G2 steel-wound steel with capo on C)

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