Nerdyharpa v3 kit

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Can you get more Swedish than a Nyckelharpa that you need to assemble yourself? It’s not exactly like assembling your own cupboard (because you do need to use glue), but we have made it as easy as possible. Lots of people have successfully built this kit, from teenagers to pensioners, so you can do it as well! You can take a look at the manual if you want to get an impression.

Fully functional Nyckelharpa

The kit contains all the parts to build your own Nyckelharpa, based on accurately lasercut and 3d printed parts.

Four rows of keys

The newest version has been upgraded to a full 4-row keyboard, so you can play on each string.

For left-handed players: The Nerdyharpa can quite easily be built left-handed: all the parts are symmetrical or can be built in backwards. If you want to build your kit for a left-handed player please leave a note when you order and we will make sure you get the right (pun intended) parts with your kit!

If we’re out of stock again: please be patient. After this batch we hope to go to regular production and share the plans online.

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Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 35 × 10 cm
kit or pre-built

kit, pre-built