Nerdy Gurdy v6.3 kit

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The Nerdy Gurdy v6.2 has 2 melody strings (g3 and g4), two drones (c3 and g2) and two trumpet strings (c4 and g3). The latest version has some small but significant improvements over the v6, which has been built by thousands of people from all over the world. These are mostly related to increasing the volume.

The kit contains all the parts that you need to build an instrument (just add glue).

For left-handed players: The Nerdy Gurdy can quite easily be built left-handed: all the parts are symmetrical or can be built in backwards. There is one printed part that needs to be mirrored (the edge support).
If you want to build your kit for a left-handed player please leave a note when you order and we will make sure you get the right (pun intended) parts with your kit!

If you want you can also download the drawings yourself, to lasercut and 3d print your own parts. You can find the plans here and the assembly manual here.

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Dimensions 700 × 32 × 8 cm

kit, pre-built