Nerdy Gurdy Linotte (red)

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The NG Linotte brings all the improvements of the NG BASIC to the body shape of the original Nerdy Gurdy (v6.x). Compared to the original NG it is easier to build, easier to adjust and sounds much better, both in volume as well as in sound quality. Furthermore, a number of improvements have been made to bring the appearance and functionality even closer to a traditional hurdy gurdy.

Six strings

The NG Linotte has two melody strings (standard: G3 and G4), two trumpet strings (standard: C4 and G4) and two drones (standard G2 and C2).

Traditional appearance

A fully rounded body and traditional sound holes, among other changes, give the NG Linotte the most traditional appearance to date.

Easy adjustment

For each of the six strings, the pressure on the wheel can be adjusted accurately with a simple hex key.

Adjustable scale length

For the first time it is possible to adjust the positions of the nuts at the head of the instrument, to adjust the scale length. This makes it easier to match the intonation of the melody strings, particularly if you want to use alternative, more rigid, strin

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