DIY kit

I would like to build my own Nerdy Gurdy, but isn’t that hard?

Well, the kit itself is not too hard to assemble. The kit comes with all the wooden parts, a finished wheel, 3-d printed parts, strings, screws etc. You basically only need some wood glue (and some clamps, spanners and a screwdriver) to put it together.

The cool thing is: you can totally customize it to your own tastes!

Setting a hurdy gurdy (any hurdy gurdy) up for playing can be tricky: we do recommend some help from an experienced player with that to get a good sound. Alternatively you might want to check out the Nerdy Gurdy builders page on facebook: there are a lot of people helping each other out with things.

Some examples

Oscar Fernandez, Spain
Gary Tabar Jr., USA
David  Jacobs, Australia